प्ले बॉय कैसे बने playboy kaise bane

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playboy kaise bane

प्ले बॉय कैसे बने playboy kaise bane What does it take to become a playboy? If you also want to become a play boy, then read this article till the end so that we can give you complete information.
What does it take to become a playboy? What needs to be done to become a play boy?

If you want to become a play boy, then connect with today’s article, because in today’s article, I will tell you what is a play boy?, how to become a play boy?, how to become one, play boy task, play boy task income and play Boy will distribute statistics about task touch numbers. Nowadays almost everyone wants to earn more money with less hard work, so that they can live their life comfortably.

You might have heard that, a boy or play boy can easily earn money with the help of tasks, and that is why, you need to know Play boy Kaise Banaye and Play Boy Job Kaise Kare? You know that in India we are gradually becoming advanced and modern. Western tradition is continuously coming to India. And due to this contemporary tradition, Name Boy Task or Play Boy Task has become a topic of discussion among the Indian youth today.

If we see, as India is becoming modern, the demand for Play Boy task is increasing. Many youth are showing additional interest in this work. Nowadays many young people are searching for playboy job contact numbers so that they can earn money from this work as soon as possible. In this article, I will give you many information related to Play Boy job, like- What is Play Boy job?, What are the jobs of Play Boy?, How to become a Play Boy?, How to get Play Boy job? And how to get play boy task touch number. Apart from this we can also identify, is Play Boy safe or not?

what is play boy job

Now I am going to tell you about Play Boy Kya Hai. Well, let us tell you that Play Boy jobs are available not only in India but also in foreign countries. You may not understand that the Play Boy Task or Name Boy Task came to our United States with a foreign culture. Whereas in India this type of work was not done earlier. Now let me tell you what Play Boy means in Hindi, this task is for boys, in which boys go to a woman’s house and have to provide her sexual pleasure. In exchange for this Money, Playboy gets a lot of money at once. If you want to provide sexual pleasure to a woman or woman. Then you turn into a pretend boy. By the way, the work of Play Boy is not considered in the law of our country, hence this work is absolutely unconstitutional.

However, if you go abroad, you may find some countries that have legally allowed playboy sitting at home but have made laws as well. In India, if you do this work sitting at home, then it is very important to take permission from the woman in front of you. Today’s teenagers show great interest in this type of component time work. Because there is a lot of entertainment in this work and the earning is also very good.

What does one have to do in a playboy job?

In Play Boy Jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune you get commission to travel and experience with them. Well, this process is completely illegal in India and if it comes to the law then legal action is also taken. By the way, painting Playboy is also a compulsion for many youth. Because the biggest burden of earning money is on teenagers. In such a situation, unemployed youth get the job of play boy due to the greed of earning less money.

If you want a name boy job, then let me tell you that this is not an authorized and reliable company to provide this job. Even if you search any company on internet then that company is completely fraud. Because the government no longer allows any of these organizations to do business. Playboy job is definitely against Indian law. Now this involves knowing how to get a job as a Playboy? So for this let me tell you that you have to touch any woman or woman immediately. And for this you can use social media, in which you will find all types of people. You can create your account on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and write in bio for provider of play boy or call boy.

Otherwise, even if you don’t write anymore, it’s your choice. But you have to diversify your profile so that you have the most followers and also have a good character. After creating a profile, you will have to search for girls or women on social media who are looking for Playboy. If you find a woman or woman, talk to her for a few days. Also try to find out some facts about them, otherwise you may get caught in a fraud. After this, if you find everything right then you can agree to the Playboy job, and decide the salary.

My advice is that you should stay away from playboy jobs and be careful because there are often frauds behind this job in India. And when fraud occurs, we are not able to complain about that fraud through the law because of our respect.

Playboy job contact number will be found like this

Many people are looking for play boy private jobs contact numbers while cellular numbers are the most fraud for reputable jobs. Many times you must have seen pictures of women on social media, along with which mobile numbers are also given. So frauds often happen with such numbers and many such reports have also come to light. But now the question arises that from where to get Playboy Process mobile number, then the best way to do this is social media, because all types of people are determined on social media only. However, social media fraud is also rife, making it very important to be wary of. If you get a suggestion for Play Boy Task from social media, then you must do a thorough research on the character in front of you. Apart from this, if you also make video calls. So don’t show your face. You should be cautious while doing the work of playboy, otherwise once the fraud is committed, no one will allow you to do it. You will find a lot of Playboy job contact numbers on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc. through which you can contact the lady or ladies.

Let’s talk about this Playboy job salary, let’s know

Many people ask this question, what is the salary of a Playboy job? So let me tell you that the daily earning in this work is 4 to 5 thousand rupees. However, some places also have extra money available. However, the name boy or play boy may charge more or less money depending on his personality.

  • Your Qualification for Playboy Job
  • Your personality should be good.
  • Your body should be fit and health.
  • Your attire should also be good.
  • Your behavior of walking, walking and speaking should be good.

If you have above qualification then you will get play boy activity very easily. Despite having a wonderful personality, big people try to cheat you, so you should be cautious of fraudsters also. Well, there is no training qualification required for Play Boy or Nam Boy job as you no longer need to pass the entrance exam for this job.

Is it right or wrong to do Playboy job?

Play boy/call boy is also called gigolo, so many people are looking for gigolo jobs also. By the way, let me tell you that plowing is clearly a crime in India, and I have already told you this. You might have heard a saying that “No scoundrel is responsible until he is caught”. So the same applies to this work as well, that is, if you are caught, criminal action can be taken against you. Although it was only about the law, but now you are in danger not only from the law but also from fraudulent people. Because in recent times a lot of people are doing most fraud in the name of play boy task.

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